This page summarizes many of the basic requirements that have been identified either through the requirements analysis discussion or through feedback in the General Discussion area. Please send your additions, comments, suggestions to

Need or Requirement Proposed solution Implemenation status
Indicate this is a Cave Survey <CaveSurvey> DONE
Record the cave's name <CaveName/> DONE
Identify survey data <Survey> DONE
Record the survey's name <SurveyName/> DONE
Record the date the survey was conducted <SurveyDate>, <Day/>, <Month/>, <Year/> DONE
Record the participants in the survey <SurveyTeam>, <Member>, <Name/>, <Role/>, DONE
Record magnetic declination for the survey <Declination/> DONE
Record the instrument used <Instruments> DONE
Record information about the compass used <Compass> DONE
Record any correcting data for the equipment used <Correction/> DONE
Record identifying numbers for equipment <SerialNumber/> DONE
Record equipment's owner <Owner/> DONE
Record information about the clinometer used <Clinometer> DONE
Record information about the tape used <Tape> DONE
Record a survey shot, organize survey data <Shot> DONE
Identify the survey station <StationName/> DONE
Record the shot's length <Length/> DONE
Record the shot's forward azimuth <ForwardAzimuth/> DONE
Record the shot's back azimuth <ReverseAzimuth/> DONE
Record the forward inclination <ForwardInclination/> DONE
Record the back inclination <ReverseInclination/> DONE
Record the from stations depth during cave dives <FromDepth/> DONE
Record the to stations depth <ToDepth/> DONE
Idenitify which version of the XML standard is in use. <DataFileVersion/> tag DONE
A method to equate one station to another XPointer (example) or <EquivalentStation/> tag PARTIAL
A method indicate degree of accuracy <Accuracy/> tag DONE
A method of indicating units of measure UNITS attribute, with appropriate values DONE
A method of indicating passage dimensions <Up>, <Down>, <Left>, <Right> tags DONE
Distinguish between in-cave and surface surveys    
A method of indicating how a shot should be handled <Handling> tag PARTIAL
A method to group several caves together into a system or surveys into a cave. XPointers, XLinks  
Method of adding adhoc information to areas of the survey. Generic <Comment> tag that can be used through out the XML file DONE
Data organization Addressed by the layout of the file  
Deal with differences between British and other (e.g. American) survey systems In process  
Method of recording geographic location <GeoLocation> DONE
A method of indicating survey quality In process  
A method of recording vertical, plumb bob shots <Vertical> DONE
Original data should not be modified before it is stored in the XML file    
Under Construction ... January 17, 2001