Taylor Run Cave Survey / October 2000 Project Report

Good news abounds after the October 2000 Taylor Run project weekend. Here's a brief rundown of our accomplishments.

The turn out was good, eleven people showed up including; Barry Horner, Erin Lynch, Ed Devine, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Hartley, Peter Penczer, Rick Royer, Penelope Pooler, Ryan Sherry, his friend Chris and I. The caving included Taylor Run #2, Reisenschein, Across The Gulch and the long awaited Fuzzy Naval.


Ed Devine, Peter Penczer and Erin Lynch added another 570 feet to Reisenschein's surveyed length. Total to date stands at 1,295 feet, equalling 1/4 mile! The cave still goes and awaits further survey.

Ralph Hartley and Penelope Pooler surveyed an agonizing 8 stations in three hours for a total of 64 feet in Fuzzy Naval! Way to go team. There's little chance for more survey in there this year, this is a distinctly warm weather cave, but at least it's started. The interesting thing to note, the cave turns 90 degrees to the left and heads in a completely unexpected direction. This could become very interesting.

Barry Horner, Rick Royer and I returned to the Dying Deer Passage in Taylor Run #2. We surveyed two very nice leads which both ended after only a short distance. Dimensions were tremendous however with 30 foot ceilings and walls 25 feet apart. The last lead we surveyed turned out to be the good one. It gave us several hundred feet of big trunk passage, ceilings typically 25 feet high and walls up to 15 feet apart. This new passage was named the "Weathered Edge" in deference to the ancient, worn limestone that exists along the eastern extremities of the local exposure. This rock's long suffering exposure to the elements is the reason we find such large and bountiful cave passage there.

Our total survey for the day was 550 feet and this pushed the cumulative length for the Taylor Run #2 Smashed Finger cave system to 1.10 miles! Congratulations to all those who have helped this survey move forward (and the list is long). We have another Taylor Run Project Cave to add to the NSS Long & Deep Caves list.

Ryan, Chris and Ralph's wife went into Across The Gulch Cave to check some things on the lead list. While they didn't find anything that went we still hold out hope. Dave West, Karen Wilmes, Ryan Sherry and I have all worked at a dig in the downstream end of Across The Gulch and we hope for a break through in the near future. Ralph also has a high lead at the top of the double bridge dome that needs to be pushed. Between these two leads we hope to squeeze out enough survey to push ATG over the 1 mile mark. It stands at 0.89 miles at the moment.

For those who are wondering, total surveyed passage in the Taylor Run Project now stands at just over 4.35 miles of in-cave survey across 1191 survey stations. You can find more information about the project on the West Virginia Cave Surveys website at www.psc-cavers.org/kouts

Congratulations on another great weekend to all those who participated. To those who couldn't be there, we missed you and hope you can make it next month. See you underground.

Devin Kouts

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