Taylor Run Cave Survey / August 2001 Project Report

A particularly hardy group of cavers turned out for the August 2001 weekend at Taylor Run. Yours truly couldn't attend due to familial duties but those who were there filed the following email reports.

From Dan Ladd:
Ralph, Miles and Steven Hartley went in Fuzzy Navel. It went about 30 feet beyond where Ralph had scooped last time and then got too small. It took them almost 2 hours to finish the survey.

Nigel (from New York) and Barry dug in Beneath Breakdown. They were headed downstream, where it got narrower and lower until they got to a point where the ceiling was 5 inches at most and there was bedrock on both the floor and ceiling. Barry said if we feel like pulling out tons of cobbles it may be bigger to the sides... He also poked around Funnel Pit and thought ... if the big breakdown blocks were moved the floor would probably collapse into Taylor Run #2 (???).

I took Jo Smith, Pat Bingham and Jasper the Cave Dog into Across the Gulch to reorient myself prior to the OTR trip next month... took a few minutes to find the entrance and once in there I was able to find the Holly Cow Room after a little looking.

From Miles Drake:
In brief, Fuzzy Naval Cave was surveyed another ~30' [until] Stephen could not continue to back upstream. I pushed an additional 20' straight line from the last survey shot using a small sledge. This little extension is NOT humanly passable. I pushed thru 1/4"-1/2" at a time only because I could see I could turn around in a wider, higher spot with hammer assistance. Beyond will never be passable unless we shrink people.

Barry and Nigel had a go at Beneath Breakdown, now a 5" crack...doesn't look good. And Funnel Sink, also not good. Dan Ladd, Pat Bingham, Jo and Jasper went on a tourist trip into Across The Gulch, lacking a sketcher for Gnarly Tree.


So progress was made this month, the end result being three very promising leads removed from the lead list. But this just means we can move on to the other good looking projects we have. For instance, the lead list in Taylor Run #2 is still very long, and at least two more excellent blowing digs exist in sinkholes on the surface. And while others don't share my optimism, I'm convinced that the Red Ledge dig will drop us into something big, even given the lack of air flow.

Devin Kouts, August 9, 2001

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