Field House

General Rules

To stay at the Field House, you MUST be

  • a PSC member, OR
  • the holder of a Field House season pass, OR
  • the guest of a member or pass holder WHO IS ALSO STAYING AT THE HOUSE.
    (To avoid embarrassment, carry your Field House or PSC membership card when in the area).

    AS SOON AS YOU ARRIVE at the house, you MUST register and, unless you have a Field House membership, pay the fee.

    DO NOT smoke or use open flame in the Field House or outbuildings.

    STAY OFF the roof of the house and the outbuildings.

    DO NOT drive beyond the Field House. Do not drive off the roads, block any roads or use any firearms anywhere in the Field House valley area. Close and secure any gate on the Field House driveway.

    Please Do not store any PERSONAL BELONGINGS at the house BETWEEN visits or leave them in the first floor area DURING visits.

    If the bedrooms are full, you may sleep downstairs AT YOUR OWN RISK but do NOT complain or interfere when others use the downstairs rooms for their intended purposes.

    BE CONSIDERATE. For example, when others are trying to sleep, keep noise to a minimum (everywhere, but ESPECIALLY in the bedrooms).

    Be sure to follow the "Cleanup Checklist" and house "shutdown procedures" posted by the kitchen door.

    Use the telephone in moderation and ALWAYS pay for non-PSC business calls. See the rules posted above the telephone.


    Per Night (Non-FH Member)

  • PSC members $3.00
  • Guests $3.00
  • Child (not using a bunk) FREE

    Field House Membership (Good for all visits to the Field House (Season Pass) for one year after date of issue; entitles holder to a key.)

  • PSC members $15.00
  • ALL others $20.00
  • Key deposit $ 5.00 refunded when key is returned


    1.You have an Obligation to see that You, your guests and others adhere to all house rules.
    2.You are financially responsible if you or your guest(s) damage the house, its outbuildings, or its grounds.
    3.Please report (to the Field House Committee) anyone who disregards the house rules or who acts in a manner detrimental to the reputation of cavers in the area.
    4.You may have no more than two guests per weekend. Larger groups require prior permission from the Committee.
    5.Membership privileges may not be lent or transferred. Keys may be lent only with prior permission from the Committee.
    6.Please do your utmost to further good relations with local residents. IN PARTICULAR, you must get cave owners' permission to enter caves.
    7.You may NOT enter any cave closed for conservation or other reasons.

    Suspension of House Use Privileges - ANY violation of the house rules and policies may be deemed cause for suspending ALL your house use privileges. Furthermore, actions not specifically mentioned herein, yet detrimental to the good of the house or of caving, may be cause for suspension; and the Field House Committee reserves the right of suspension for any cause.