Potomac Speleological Club / Photo Gallery

Devin Kouts and Vanessa Mirro complete the entrance swim in Stone Sepulchre cave, Cayo District, Belize. copyright John Brooks, 2002

Devin Kouts and Brian Pease investigate a promising cave lead in Cayo District, Belize. copyright John Brooks, 2002

Fire damage to the Germany Valley Karst Survey fieldhouse

Rick Lambert poses with the cave gate during installation at Five Springs Cave

Tim Collins and Madeline Li in Hellhole Cave

Bob Zimmerman reaches the top of the Carpenter Pit, Carpenter-Swago Cave

Dwight Livingston, Bob Zimmerman, Devin Kouts and Jim Guildea prepare to enter Carpenter Swago Cave

Bob's Big Break Borehole in Hellhole Cave

Borehole passage in Hellhole Cave

Rick Royer rappells into Odey's Pit, Cassell Cave - copyright Paul Gillis

Rick Royer emerges after the survey of Wild Cat Hollow Pit, Germany Valley

Miles Drake, hero of the day in Simmons-Mingo - copyright Dave Bunnell

Ed Devine (fore), Rick Royer (middle) and Scott Davis (back) survey through a dome in Reisenschein Cave - copyright Paul Gillis

OTR 2001 tourist trip at the entrance to Gnarly Tree - copyright , Paul Gillis

Scott Davis and Lisa Bencibi in main passage of Gnarly Tree Cave - copyright , Paul Gillis

Greg Hull in Across The Gulch Cave - copyright Paul Gillis

Ed Devine and Doug Medville survey in Across The Gulch Cave - copyright Paul Gillis

Paul Gillis (right) and Peter Penczer (background) follow Devin Kouts (out of view on left) through the A survey in Twisted Fissure, 1994. copyright - Devin Kouts

Miles Drake and Dave Crenshaw take a break at Bat Junction, station R61, in Twisted Fissure, 1994. copyright - Devin Kouts

Penelope Pooler steps off the ledge at the top of the drop in Reisenschein. copyright - Ed Devine

Paul Gillis checks out the waterfall in Reisenschein Cave. copyright - Paul Gillis

Peter Penczer rappels Bobcat Dome in Taylor Run #2 as Sheila Underwood looks on. copyright - Paul Gillis

Germany Valley as seen from the crest of North Fork Mountain

Ralph makes due with limited facilities at the GV fieldhouse

Ralph Hartley and Duane Thompson at the top of 20-acre Lake Pit

David Kegley and Kristin Brace, thoroughly enjoying themselves in Mystic Cave

Peter Penzer pears from pit. Kenny Harper's Pit

Devin Kouts in Simmons-Mingo

David Crenshaw in Teleki Cave

Devin Kouts peers into Thorny Bottom Pit

Dick Sanford and Diane Cooperman at the bottom of Sites Pit

Lewis Carrol and Dick Sanford clowning around

Lewis Carrol, Dick Sanford, Kristen Brace and one other caver at the Cass Cave entrance

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