Club Store

The PSC Store operates to provide basic caving gear to club members at the lowest practical price. We sell helmets, electric lights, and other caving gear considerably cheaper than other suppliers. Our suppliers give the store a wholesale price on items we order in quantity, and we charge only a small markup to cover costs. We accept personal checks from members, and, of course, cash.

Usually the whole assortment of merchandise is brought to each regular meeting. If you need something between meetings, the store chairman welcomes calls and prearranged visits. Also, if you want something we don't usually stock, it can be ordered for you, though it may not always be cheaper than ordering it yourself. We gladly entertain suggestions of new items to stock, but we must consider how much capital will be tied up and how much demand there will be. The store operates with its own bank account, and has usually had a small surplus every year, which is periodically turned over to the club's general fund, however, the purpose of the store is not to make money for the club; it is to provide a service to the members.