Ralph's Memorial Day Cave Photos

The following pictures were taken by Ralph Hartley on April 12, 2003 in Memorial Day cave. Clicking on an image will display the full sized version.


Some formations in Columbia Canyon (near y47). Does this remind anyone of some other cave?

Gypsum Flowers in Columbia Canyon (z29). This cave has a lot of Gypsum. More than that other cave.

Are we having fun?

Columbia Canyon enters the Pinnacle Room above floor level. The best way down is to slide under this block. Everyone, including Mike Frisina shown here, has fun coming back up (z37).

Tree fungus

I don't remember seeing formations like these before. They grow right out of the wall, just like fungus growing on a dead tree. There is a drippy dome above. (near d13).

Tree fungus

Another view of the same formations.


Rick Royer and Mike Frisina check out a low, wide, dirt floored lead (d11). Do not ignore leads like this, especially if they have a noticeable draft. We took a 79' shot into it, and spent the rest of the day there. It still goes, but what doesn't?

This low formation area is at the far end of that shot (d28). There is no way to show it all in one picture.


Pure white straws and helectites (between d28 and d29).


I'm not sure what these Spiky Things are, but there was a bunch of them (D29).

Mike Frisina with more Spiky Things. (D19)

Mike Frisina looks at a cluster of columns. (d34)

I took a bunch of close ups of the same cluster, but this is the only one for which the auto-focus worked. (d34)


This is where we turned back (d42). The domepit went out of sight above and below. It is completely dry.


It might be possible to traverse across this ledge, but not without protection. Hopefully there is another way around.


My flash wasn't bright enough to see it very well, but the passage continues on the other side.