Memorial Day Cave
Since its descovery in the year 2000, exploration in Memorial Day Cave has pushed the surveyed length of the cave to over 5 miles. Memorial Day Cave is not open to the public nor the caving community at large, however qualified cavers are invited to lend their assistance to the ongoing survey effort. Persons wishing to participate in this survey project are directed to contact the cave manager.

Members Area

MDC Working Map

December 2002 Working Map

The latest images from Memorial Day Cave are maintained at the new PSC Website in this photo album

Peg Renwick's photo album of the second survey trip
into the FLAD passage in Memorial Day cave.

Kevin Flanagan's photo album of the second survey trip
into the FLAD passage in Memorial Day cave.

Memorial Day Cave Working Map of Memorial Day Cave. Click to enlarge.

Cavers Steve Biggers, Rick Royer, Peter Penczer and Ralph Hartley head north and east along Columbia Canyon from the base of the 125 foot drop. Ceiling heights along this passage commonly approach 100 feet. Note the infeeder high on the right hand wall, an indication of wet conditions on the surface. © M. Frisina, 2003
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Rick Royer crosses large mud dunes in a newly discovered room in Memorial Day Cave. The chamber measures 100 x 300 feet with 60 foot ceilings and extends underneath the already immense Pinnacle Room. © M. Frisina, 2003
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Ralph Hartley's photo album of the first pictures to come back from Columbia Canyon, beyond the Puppet Buster, April 2003


PSC Cavers check out the air flow through the recently installed air flow control gate at Memorial Day cave in Germany Valley. © G. Brace, 2002
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Photos from the survey to the north end of the cave and the Royer's Crypt area.

Duane Thompson 's photo album of the early days spent widening the original 8"x2" crevice that would ultimately lead to Memorial Day cave.


Kevin Flanagan returns to Memorial Day Cave and surveys big borehole in the FLAD passage.

Bill Stone and crew knock off some great footage in Memorial Day cave, as reported by Andi Hunter. October 2003

Bob Robins reports on the photo trip into Columbia Canyon

Ralph Hartley's illustrated comments from an April 2003 survey in Memorial Day cave

Mike Frisina and Kevin Flanagan describe an extended stay in Memorial Day Cave

Mike Frisina reports on big survey in Memorial Day Cave

Finally, THE big breakthrough in Memorial Day Cave

Survey Report from Memorial Day cave, Discovery of the 50 foot pit, May 2002

Germany Valley Karst Survey Report, April 2002

Germany Valley Karst Survey, 9 March 2002

New cave and a rebuilt fieldhouse, all in one day! February, 2002

Survey north to Royer's Crypt

Survey begins in Memorial Day cave

The breakthrough into walking passage in Memorial Day Cave

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