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Miles Drake's Pictures from the Jasper Memorial Hike, June 5-6, 2004

cars picture taking at cave entrance everyone
Saturday morning at trailhead,
getting ready to take pictures.
Bob Zimmerman sets his
camera on tripod.
At High Meadows Cave entrance.
l to r, facing camera: Susan,
Carley, Pete, Bob, Art
Above High Meadows Cave.
l to r: Dan, Donna,
Dave (crouching), Bob, Jo,
Diane, Miles, Sheila, Art,
Carley, Susan.

Jo & Jasper Dan & Bill Jo & Jasper Jo & Bill
Jo caving, holding Jasper. Dan in foreground, with
Bill in crawl behind him.
Jo caving with Jasper. Jo finds Jasper's final
resting place, while Bill
gets ready to take picture.

Jasper Jasper Jasper Donna
Jasper. Close-up. Close-up with dog tag. Donna Shuman emerges
from cave.

Dan The cave team
Dan Ladd emerges
from cave.
The cavers, l to r:
Donna, Bill, Miles, Jo, Dan

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