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Bob Zimmerman's Pictures from the Jasper Memorial Hike, June 5, 2004

cars Bill Bill & Jo Bob & Diane
Saturday morning at trailhead,
getting ready to start hike.
Bill Shuman. Jo Smith shows Bill
hiking route.
Bob & Diane Zimmerman.

everyone Pete trail wet trail
crouching in front, l to r:
Art Latterner, Miles Drake
standing, l to r:
Carley & Susan Posey,
Bob & Diane Zimmerman,
Pete Penczer, Sheila Underwood,
Jo Smith, Dan Ladd,
Donna & Bill Shuman
Pete Penczer sets up
to take another group shot.
The trail head. Mud on the trail.

hiking more hiking 1st stop 2nd stop
Hiking. More hiking. First rest stop. Second rest stop.

mist 3rd stop 4th stop junction
Miles and mist. Third rest stop. Fourth rest stop. Diane reaches trail junction.

trail sign everyone Bill misty field
We are heading down
to Seneca Creek.
l to r, Bill Shuman, Dave (Dan's friend),
Dan Ladd, Diane Zimmerman,
Donna Shuman, Carley & Susan Posey,
Art Latterner, Pete Penczer
Jo Smith, Sheila Underwood, Miles Drake.
Bill takes another
group shot.
Misty field with cow.

cow in mist heading downhill field field
Close-up of cow in field. Working downhill in mud. We arrive at the meadow
above High Meadows Cave.
People scatter to set up tents.

Dave Diane tents Dan & Diane
Dave surveys field for tent site. Diane watches everyone
set up tents.
Tents everywhere! Diane admires Dan's tent.

waterfall above cave everyone waterfall
The waterfall next to
High Meadows Cave.
l to r, Dave, Dan, Diane, Donna,
Jo, Miles, Sheila.
l to r, Pete, Dan,
Dave (crouching), Donna,
Bill, Diane, Jo, Miles,
Carley, Susan.
Another picture of the

going in
Jo heads underground, entering
High Meadows Cave.

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