Jasper the Cave Dog


photo by Earl Suitor

The 1993 PSC Dog Cave Trip to Trout Cave

Pictures by Dick Sanford

This was the famous trip where Jasper actually "chimmeyed" in a fissure. And Dick got pictures!

Jasper Jasper caving in Trout Cave. By Dick Sanford.

The 1997 PSC Dog Cave Trip to Hamilton Cave

Pictures by Dick Sanford and Jim Geist

trail Jasper caving in Hamilton Cave.

Jasper Backpacking with Joanne and Miles

Pictures by Miles Drake

trail Jasper hiking the mountains of New England. By Miles Drake.

The Jasper Memorial Hike to High Meadows Cave, June 5-6, 2004

On the weekend of June 5-6, 2004, thirteen friends of Jasper the Cave Dog hiked the five miles to High Meadows Cave to help Miles Drake and Joanne Smith lay his ashes and dog tag in the cave he helped find and map. As Joanne wrote recently, "Jasper helped discover this cave and taunted the people who had to crawl the entrance passage with his easy traverse of the distance. We felt this would be a fitting place to say good-bye to PSC's Canine trip leader."

Devin Kouts added his memory of that moment, "I can still remember the look on his face in High Meadows Cave, when he had waded across the pool that I refused to crawl through. He knew there was virgin passage ahead and really couldn't understand why I had stopped.

"What a great dog."

Below are pictures from that weekend.

trail On the way to High Meadows Cave. By Bob Zimmerman.

Jasper At and In High Meadows Cave. By Miles Drake.

work In and Out of High Meadows Cave. By Bill Shuman.

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