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Mark "Indy" Kochte's Pictures from
the Zero Length Survey at Breathing Cave-June 19, 2003

before Ricky Shortt Shortt & Bob Griffith Pretties
The mandatory 'before' shot Ricky Shortt soon after
we entered the cave
Ricky Shortt and
Bob Griffith

Pretties Pretties waterfall the climb
More pretties Pretties with bacon The first waterfall Attempting 'the climb'
(final option for the survey
effort this trip)

arch Karen? Karen and ? Muddy boys
The great arch Karen? Karen and...Dave? Ricky? Muddy boys Dave and Bob
taking a quick break

Karen & Dave pillar Karen & Ricky Ricky & Karen
Karen & Dave Pretty pillar Karen (red) and
Ricky (greenish)
Ricky (greenish) and
Karen (red) and pretties

Pretties Bob & Ricky Karen Exit!
Pretties Bob (red) and Ricky Karen about to leap The exit!

The mandatory 'after' shot

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