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New Collapse at Cassell Pit, January 21, 2006

by Bob Zimmerman (posted January 23, 2006)

high view high view waterfall
Looking down from high
point above pit. The entrance
crawl appears open. Note Dave
West standing next to drop.
Another high view with Dave
in picture.
Moving down to get better
view of waterfall.

waterfall close-up target practice
View of waterfall and overhang
at collapse.
Close-up of new collapse below
overhang and waterfall.
Dave throws a rock, attempting
to knock out tiny chockstone
between large boulders on overhand.

throwing rocks more rocks more rocks
Dave, from above, drops rocks on overhang. It moves! It moves again, but does not fall.

Last view telescope
A last view. Compare with above: little
chockstone has been replace by larger rock
thrown by Dave.
The Greenbank Radio Telescope.
(photo by Ben Diedrich)

A New Side by Side Comparison

by Bob Zimmerman (posted January 23, 2006)

With the help of the comparison that Charles Danforth had done after the first collapse, I have made a new side-by-side comparison below. Note the differences. Apparently the rocks under the overhang dropped off, leaving that overhang in a very precarious position. It is so precarious that it moved when hit by one of Dave's thrown rocks.

after collapse after collapse
After first collapse. After second collapse.

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