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Side by Side Comparison

by Charles Danforth (posted March 5, 2004)

To clarify exactly what rocks fell in the collapse, Charles Danforth has created a detailed side-by-side comparison of the before and after photos. His comparison makes it even more clear that the boulders fell because the ledge that had been supporting them broke off.

Cassell Pit, post collapse, May 17, 2003

by Bob Zimmerman (posted May 18, 2003)

before before before
Before the collapse,
Indy Kochte stands
on the rocks
(photo by Rafi Reyes)
Before the collapse, April 2000,
Bob Zimmerman rapells in.
Note the big rock on right.
(photo by Bob Gulden)
Before the collapse, OTR September 2001,
Mike Vaughn stands overlook pit.
The ledge on the right, under both
big rocks, was what broke off.
(photo by Dave Hollick)

Wide view Close-up looking down
Wide view of pit, sans boulders Close-up of area where boulders use to sit Looking down into pit at boulders

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