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Miles Drake's Pictures from the June 19, 2004 Breathing Cave survey

rigging Jo and Bob Jo
Bob Alderson rigs drop at
end of Gremlin Alley.
Jo negotiates Snot Drop.
Bob is amused.
Joanne Smith

Dave West Bob Hoke Bob Alderson
Dave West climbs down
2nd Waterfall, 10 feet beyond
Snot Drop.
Bob Hoke, same place. Bob Alderson, same place.

Dave West Bob Hoke resting
Dave West, climbing up to
Gremlin Alley, heading out.
Bob Hoke, same place. Hoke and others, top of
etrier climbdown to Serpentine Way
heading out.

Dave West top of Snot Drop Bob Hoke
Dave West in short section
of squeezes leading to
Gremlin Alley.
Alderson belaying Karen Willmes
down the etrier climbdown.
Bob Hoke, macho caver,
at the bottom of the etrier
which is at the top of the ladder
rigged to descend into Serpentine Way.

Dave West Karen Willmes Bob Alderson
Dave West, same place. Karen Willmes, same place. Bob Aldeson, same place.

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