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Indy Kochte's Pictures from the April 17, 2004 Breathing Cave Survey

gearing up the crew formations
Bob Hoke, Jody Powell, and others get
geared up to enter the cave
The April survey crew Some flow formations

waterfall Jody Powell Jody Powell
Mini-waterfall Jody Powell working her way down
the first drop on the cable ladder
Jody continues her descent

Bob Hoke Jody duck rock
Bob Hoke coming down the cable ladder Jody Powell doing instrument checks The "duck" rock
(From the angle of this photo,
the rock immediately left of center
has a camel-like appearance,
but from just about every other angle it
looks like a giant duck; this was at the
bottom of the last fissure we dropped
into near the end of our survey run.)

Find the caver!
(Jody Powell with more mud than the
muddy pretties behind her.)

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