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Indy Kochte's Pictures from the October 18, 2003 Breathing Cave Dig

the crew the crew Bob Alderson
L to R, Bob Hoke, Bob Alderson, Sarah Hendricks L to R, Indy Kochte, Bob Alderson, Sarah Hendricks Bob Alderson and gear

Bob Hoke Sarah hauling gear
Bob Hoke crawls Sarah rests Sarah hauls dirt

dumping bucket hauling bucket digging
Sarah dumps bucket Bob Alderson hauls away Bob Alderson digs

howdy digging digging
Howdy digging more digging

digging digging digging
digging more digging and more digging

the dig sightseeing pretties
the dig sightseeing pretties

pretties resting Bob Hoke
Same pretties Bob and Bob rest Bob Hoke crawls again

Sarah On the surface
Sarah crawls Outside, on the surface

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