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Indy Kochte's Pictures from the August 16, 2003 Breathing Cave survey

in the rain before planning
Changing in the rain Requisite "before" group photo "Now here's the plan, as soon as Alderson goes
off on his wild goose chase, we all leave the cave
and get pizza!"

zzzzz Tom Kornack Jill Foley
"This is how we survey today,
survey today, survey to-zzzzz...."
The Nutcracker: Tom Kornack The Nutcracker: Jill Foley

Jill Foley Micah Lebette Mike Leung
The Nutcracker: Jill Foley, all smiles The Nutcracker: Micah Lebette,
concentrating hard
The Nutcracker: Mike Leung

Karen Willmes pretties Kornack crew
The Nutcracker: Karen Willmes Columns & pretties Tom Kornack and crew (counter-clockwise: Tom, Jill,
Micah, Mike) having a much-deserved post-survey dinner,
just before the storm hit.

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