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Bob Alderson's Pictures of the Dig at Cassell Fifth Entrance Cave
and the Survey at Grimes Cave-February 21, 2004

on the way building tent Bob Zimmerman Ben Diedrich
Bob Alderson's view on the way
to Cassell.
Philip Balister (l) watches while
Bob Zimmerman (r) sets up
the "warming" tent
Bob Zimmerman Ben Diedrich and gear.

hauling gear crossing stream tent hauling gear
l to r: Karen Willmes, Bob
Hoke, and Dave West.
At entrance across the stream Ben Diedrich (l) and Bob
Zimmerman (r) set up "warming" tent.
Bob Hoke hauling gear.

Bob Hoke unpacking Dave West waterfall
Bob Hoke and cow. The Grimes Cave survey crew
get prepped at the Cassell Cave
parking area.
Dave West. Dave West looking at the
waterfall at Odey's Pit.

waterfall waterfall closeup lost in snow
Close up of waterfall. From top of sink
looking down.
Close up with Karen Willmes. l to r: Bob Hoke, Dave
West, and Karen Willmes
looking for Grimes Cave

entrance entrance in Grimes Miles
The Entrance to Grimes Cave. Close of Dave West and
Karen Willmes in entrance.
Bob Hoke very cold
in Grimes Cave.
Miles Drake very cold
in "warming" tent.

Miles going in going in at the dig
Miles Drake attempting
to warm his hands.
Bob Zimmerman dives into
Fifth Entrance Cave to get
Bob disappears inside. Rick Lambert outside
Cassell Fifth Entrance Cave.

Rick Lambert Bob Hoke hauling rock Bob and Rick
Rick Lambert at dig. Bob Hoke watches others dig. Bob Zimmerman struggles
with rock.
Rick Lambert helps Bob.

Karen wrapping up paying Miles entering data
Karen Willmes carries
chair and fan back to cars.
l to r: Miles Drake,
Ben Diedrich, and Bob Robins
about to take generator to cars.
At dinner, Miles Drake collects
cash to pay for Boy Scout cabin.
Dave West (l) reads Grimes Cave
data to Bob Zimmerman (r) who
enters it in computer.

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