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Cassell Cave Survey Pictures

Indy's pictures G Survey, April 15, 2000. By Mark "Indy" Kochte.

Rafi's pictures Cassell Entrance and Windy Breakdown room, April 15, 2000. By Rafi Reyes.

crunch Cass, Accident, and Windy Entrance, April 15, 2000. By Gordon Birkhimer.

getting ready August 19, 2000. By Rafi Reyes.

Danforth pictures May 2001 survey trip, June 2001 tourist trip, November 2001 survey trip,
January 2002 survey trip, and July 2002 survey trip
. By Charles Danforth.

Durbin pictures July 21, 2001 weekend at Durbin. By Bob Zimmerman.

Charles Kahn's pictures Discovery of Neal's Wonder Pit, April 20, 2002. By Charles Kahn.

Cassell Pit Odey's Pit, post collapse, May 17, 2003. By Bob Zimmerman.

crushed A close look at Odey's Pit, July 19, 2003. By Bob Zimmerman.

Rick drills The dig at Cassell Fifth Entrance Cave on the February 21, 2004 weekend at Cassell Cave. By Philip Balister.

waterfall Grimes Cave Survey and dig at Cassell Fifth Entrance Cave, February 21, 2004, Cassell Cave. By Bob Alderson.

formations Attic Section Survey in Cassell Cave, January 15, 2005. By Miles Drake.

collapse New Collapse at Cassell Pit, January 21, 2006. By Bob Zimmerman.

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