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Bob Zimmerman's Pictures of the
Clean-up Weekend at Cassell Cave-July 19, 2003

home host looking at pit fallen rocks
Our home in May and July. Our host Delbert. Appoaching Odey's Pit
cable ladder rigged.
Looking down at pile of
rocks in pit. To get to the
drop turn right at the bottom
of cable ladder. Don't enter
holes on left side!

the route go down first view of drop the drop
Go down to the left of
the ladder.
Keep going down
through breakdown.
Be careful! There are
many loose and dangerous
looking boulders.
First view of drop.
Clip your safety on here!
And move slowly to avoid
knocking down rocks.
Lying on what was once
the "flake" and looking down
the drop.

looking straight down panning up crushed biner waiting
Looking straight down
the drop. The waterfall is
down to the left.
Panning up I can see
the remains of the webbing
and carabiner that had been
our redirect.
A close up of the
crushed biner.
Miles Drake. We wait
for Dave West and Stan Carts
to return with needed gear.

next morning Bob Zimmerman
The next morning. Left to right:
Edgard Bertaut, Philip Balister,
Stan Carts, Miles Drake, Bob Robins.
Bob Zimmerman

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