Getting the source from CVS

If you really want to work on the source (i.e. if you want to make changes that may eventually be part of a distributed version. Then you want to check the sources out from the cvs server.

Cvs (concurrent version system) is a system for keeping track of multiple versions of files that are being edited by different people simultaneously.

If you are not familiar with cvs you can find manuals downloads (for many platforms) etc here. You need to have cvs installed on your system to use the rest of these instructions.

To checkout code first set your CVSROOT environment variable to then "login" with the command
cvs login
and give the password anonymous . You only have to do that once.

The command
cvs checkout carto
will get you a working copy of the carto directory (do it from the directory you want to be the parent of the carto directory).

You can now edit the files. Over time changes may occur in the distributed version of Carto. The command
cvs update
will try to merge those changes in with the ones you made. It may not succeed, but it will point out where the changes are in conflict. Incorporating your changes into the distributed version is a trickier matter, because It is possible for you to hurt someone else. To commit changes into the repository you will need an individual login (not anonymous) which I will give to people who I think need them and will use them responsibly. If you only have a few changes I can do them for you.

The following is the code I normally use to do a full re-compile. On some systems you can do the same thing by typing "make"
javac -Xdepend -J-mx64M -deprecation -g