Photos From The Wire Sink Dig

April 14, 2002

The Wire Sink dig has been a low intensity effort to open the bottom of this attractive karst feature in Germany Valley. First noted over two years ago the dig has received little more than a handful of dig efforts using buckets and haul lines. Copyright Charles Kahn, 2002
The original bottom of the sink was only four feet or so above the current dig level. The headwall behind the digger has a low lead cutting back in and underneath of it. Note the large boulder (upper right corner) balanced on the slope above the digger. Copyright Charles Kahn, 2002
A somewhat different angle of the dig makes the boulder mentioned above appear even more precarious. However, the boulder is actually very solidly in place and in no immediate danger of moving. Before serious efforts to continue the dig are made, this rock will have to be broken up and removed from the sinkhole. Copyright Charles Kahn, 2002
The sinkhole itself is about 20 feet long by 12 feet wide at its top. The caver in the background uses a haul line to remove buckets of soil from the bottom of the sink. Certainly not our most high-tech dig effort. Copyright Charles Kahn, 2002
This shot shows the lead that heads up underneath the exposed headwall. In this picture the digger is backed into the lead and works to lower the area outside the entrance. This will give the digger a lower area in which to sit, turn around and work at the dig "face" inside the lead. Copyright Charles Kahn, 2002

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