PSC Spring Party, March 23, 2002

Overflowing crowds at the fieldhouse drove diners into the living room to finish their meals. Photo © - C. Kahn

 ... stuffing the dining table. Photo © - C. Kahn

 Susi Pearce and daughter Sarah enjoy the formations in Cave Rat Cave. Photo © - D. Kouts

 A colorful crowd lines up to do Cave Rat Cave. Left to right, Susi, Owe, Chris, Dave, Julie, Sarah and Earl. Photo © - D. Kouts

...filling all available space. Photo © - C. Kahn

...and keeping the kitchen full, too. Photo © - C. Kahn

Dave Crenshaw and son Chris take over for Susi and Sarah, Cave Rat Cave. Photo © - D. Kouts

Checking leads in the terminal room, Cave Rat Cave. Photo © - D. Kouts

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