Highland County Cave Survey

Rick Lambert
NSS 12496
August 2002

Highland County Cave Survey September Report

We had a very good survey this past weekend. Fifteen people showed up for a variety of projects. Our goal for the weekend was to survey four caves. This would give us 40 maps completed since the VSS meeting last October.

On Saturday the 28th Scott Wahlquist, Joshua Rubinstein and Barry Horner decide not to go to April Showers Pit due to the resent rain. Instead they went in search of Audrey's Cave and Baby Bottle Borehole Cave. Accompanying them were Chris Woodley, David McKnight and their guide Nevin Davis. They surveyed BBB and found Audrey's Cave had been graded shut.

Rick Wagner, Timmy Grimm, Brad Ricks and Sharid Kamal searched for Unnamed Cave #2. Though the area was searched thoroughly the 18' X 8' entrance could not be found. The report they were using is 40 years old. Past experience has taught us that the cave is there somewhere on the mountain. We just need to find it.

Larry Baer, Kim Johnson, Brien Ferris, Jared Bowie and I went back to Whistle Pig Cave. We found the cave this time and completed the survey. A search of the area yielded many great dig sites, but no other openings.

On Saturday night, after the grotto meeting we watched a slide show on Coralloid Cave, Lustfer Barbecue Cave, Grants Tomb, Lantz Mountain Quarry Cave and Cave Run Cave #2.

On Sunday the 29th we headed to Mill Gap to continue on Troop 761 Cave, the Dead Hole and the Croft Insurgence.

Barry Horner, Larry Baer and Kim Johnson worked on the Dead Hole. It is now so deep they need a rope to get in and out of the hole. The owner said the entrance was only “two feet” down.

Rick Wagner, Timmy Grimm, Sharid Kamal, and Chris Woodley continued on the Croft Insurgence. They have a low crawlway going under a ledge and spent the day making room to continue the work. Rick says they should break through next month.

Jared Bowie, Nickie Dymersky, Alex Dymersky and I finished the dig on Troop 761 Cave. This monster taped out at a little over 20 feet. To continue the dig we would have to mine the inside of the existing cave just to have room to work. I know when to quit!

We finished the weekend with three caves surveyed, which moved us up to 39 maps for the year. We have three other surveys with data problems. We might be able to correct one of those and come up with map #40.

The next survey weekend will be October 26 and 27. Larry Baer will be planning the work. We will let you know what is planned prior to the weekend.

A lot of people contributed to the survey over the past 12 months. We have maps for about 70% of the known caves in Highland County. We would not be where we are if it wasn't for your continuing support. I would like to thank each and every one of you. This is truly your success and your survey.

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