Five Springs Cave Lineplot

Updated with data from September 29, 2001 survey.

Survey returns from all three teams on September 29th were pretty good, as reported in an email from the project manager, Rick Lambert...

"I am wiped out from entering data. The long and the short of it is:
Rick Lambert, Phil Lucas, Joshua Rubinstein 520.5'
Larry Baer, Barry Horner, Devin Kouts, Rick Wagner 432.8'
Rick Royer, Ben Schwartz, Scott Wahlquist 539.2'

We have pushed the cave to 3145.8 feet. About 25 leads remain to be walked down."

Here's a lineplot to illustrate where the survey stands at this point. (Click to enlarge.)

Devin S. Kouts, October 4, 2001