Five Springs Cave Survey

[Derived from communication with Rick Royer - Ed.]

Rick Lambert's statement was to "survey 1000 feet or do not come out". So we did. He also told us to skip any side leads, so that leads would exist for multiple survey teams. I tried to argue that this was not necessary since leap frogging works, but he said to skip the leads.

We stayed at the stream level for almost all of the survey. Fortunately, the passage was more friendly than the [passage] between the entrance and the beginning of our survey. [It] was generally walking passage 4-6 feet wide at stream level (sometimes wider above the stream) with sharp meanders. The ceiling varied from 5-30 feet with a probable semi-connected upper level/breakdown much of the way that will need to be surveyed (the source of most of the "leads"). There were no infeeders or leads at the stream level.

Left to right, Rick Royer, Phil Lucas, Rick Lambert and Larry Baer recently used block and tackle to haul the new gate up the hill and into the Five Springs Cave entrance (foreground). copyright 2001- D. S. Kouts

Most of the way back, tilted bedding suddenly appeared. The "big" passge turned down dip/strike while the stream and air went through a tall tight narrow crack with ledges. We surveyed up the "big" passage (stream overflow passage) til it closed down. Back at the stream crack, Barry [Horner] said the it was not humanely passable. On the way out, I proved him wrong by squeezing through for 40 ft. The passage turns and continues small and narrow.

On Sunday, I went back with Scott and Josh and started on the second level/breakdown at the beginning of our survey. There is lots more to survey on this level for much of the way back with the potential of other possible entrances. Hopefully, an upper level will connect over to the source of the bigger spring just up [Deleted - Ed.] . Rick plans to start surveying the leads and stream level in his first survey between 100-400 feet from the entrance.

Lineplot of the Five Springs Cave Survey as of 23 September, 2001

- D. S. Kouts, September 25, 2001

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