Fieldhouse Cave Access and Parking
The owner of Russell Lawrence Domepit (aka Fieldhouse Cave) in Pendleton County, WV asks that cavers abide by two new conditions of access to the cave. These include announcing your presence and a new parking location.

Before entering and after leaving the cave, visitors are to stop by Mr. Harper's residence to inform him of their arrival and departure. If no one answers the door then leave a note with the names in your party and when you expect to depart the premises.

Parking along Germany Valley road and crossing the fence to access the cave is no longer permissable. Instead, cavers should turn onto the gravel road 1/4 mile south of the "usual" parking area and proceed 200 feet to a power line cut through the trees. Turn left into the cut and follow it to a large sinkhole. Park by the sinkhole and follow the flagged trail to the cave. This parking area is superior to the original because it accomodates more vehicles, offers greater privacy for changing clothes and avoids damage to Mr. Harper's new wire fence.

Parking area
Parking area map.

Assembled by Devin S. Kouts